Delphi Band Oriented Report Generator


Catchysoft Report Generator Pro

Catchysoft Report Generator Pro is a report generating library that uses ActiveX (also known as COM) technology. Unique to it is an opportunity to integrate it into any project in a short time and with minimal efforts. Added to this is an ability to

Report Generator  v.1 46

Report generator generate reports (now also forms) and print them basis on data received from client application, server, database and report template. To get data, report generator can execute any script in any language. More over it has following


Big Faceless Report Generator  v.1.1.54

The Big Faceless Report Generator is the leading Java component for converting XML to PDF documents.

SizeExplorer Report Generator

SizeExplorer Report Generator is a command line tool that let you generate reports from a live disk exploration or from a saved disk exploration from SizeExplorer (i.e. a .sef file) SEReport supports generation of reports into a variety of file formats

Smart report maker (MySQL Report Generator)  v.1 2

Smart Report Maker is a very easy-to-use PHP/MySQL report generator, it allows you to create and manage unlimited number of MySQL Reports based on a table or query, it?

Smart report maker (report generator for mysql)  v.1. 4. 2001

Smart Report Maker is an easy-to-use PHP/MySQL report generator, it allows you to create and manage unlimited number of MySQL Reports based on tables or queries, it?

Hovitaga Report Generator  v.1.0

Hovitaga Report Generator is an ABAP add-on that accelerates SAP reporting by significantly reducing development time.

TH71-713 Report Generator  v.

This program can be downloaded and used only for the purpose of updating your licensed TH71-713 Report Generator Program. Report Viewer TH71-713 is software to see report which was made by NEC Avio Infrared Technologies.

Intensive Care Report Generator  v.1 20

Intensive Care Report Generator is a logical add-on for LAN Intensive Care Utilities. You can now generate an almost infinite number of reports from your LAN Server and Warp Server domains. - Audit your domain for adds/deletes/changes in all

Squid Log Analyzer and Report Generator  v.0.12

Squid Log Analyzer and Report Generator.

SRG - Squid Report Generator  v.1.3.6

SRG is a log file analyser and report generator for the Squid web proxy.

AutoDOC Firebox Report Generator  v.8 9

Autodoc is the worlds leading software to create detailed firewall configuration reports automatically, just by opening a WatchGuard, Fortinet or Sonicwall configuration file.

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